Who We Are

We are Eight Design Studio. A New York creative house focused on end-to-end video production. We tell the story of established companies, startups, organizations and artists who want to spread the word about their products, services or new ventures. For each and every project we put together the best team possible, specifically tailored for your project’s needs. We are friends and business collaborators, putting our passion in the one thing we know how to do, create great videos.

  • Why Pay a Dollar for a Bookmark? Why Not Use the Dollar for a Bookmark?

    - - Steven Spielberg
  • All I Need to Make a Comedy is a Park, a Policeman and a Pretty Girl.

    - - Charlie Chaplin
  • Editing feels almost like sculpting or a form of continuing the writing process.

    - - Sydney Pollack
  • A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end; but not necessarily in that order.

    - - Jean-Luc Godard
  • A film is, or should be more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, the meaning, all that comes later.

    - - Stanley Kubrick

Some of Our Clients


What We Do

  • 01

    Video Production

    From beginning to end. From concept to Final Cut.

  • 02

    Video Editing

    We can craft a video with your own material. Frame by Frame.

  • 03


    We turn your story into ideas and words for the screen.

  • 04

    Voice Over

    We find the right voice and tone for your brand or message.

  • 05

    Music and Sound Design

    You are Hitchcock, we can be Herrmann. We custom score our work.

  • 06

    Graphic Design and Animation

    And then make anything happen.

A Team For You

  • That's Exactly What We Do

    Every video needs a team tailored to specific needs. A team for you.

  • We See The Big Picture

    Your video is only one aspect of your marketing strategy. It needs to fit.

  • We Are Design Thinkers

    For us, a great video is a great work of design. We care for the details.

  • We Are Storytellers

    Behind every human endeavor we see a story. We bring that story to life.

The Team

Fernando Castro
Director - Founder

Former Architect at awarded cross creative design firm, KAA Design. Fernando began editing video by accident during breaks from cad drafting; one cut took to another and the rest is history. At Eight Design Studio, he leads and collaborates with a team of independent and talented professionals; writing, designing, producing and directing every project.

Michelle Hannah
Head of Clients Accounts

After several years of working in tech start-ups, Michelle has managed many clients across a variety of industries. She now works with our team to oversee the day to day management of clients and scale our capabilities as we grow our relationships. Her unique attention to detail helps us connect with our clients and better understand their specific needs.

Jose Venutolo
Director, Cinematographer

Born and raised in Venezuela, Jose studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. Former Computer Engineer and high-end construction manager, Jose has now directed short films that combined have won more than 7 awards and participated in over 30 Film Festivals. Jose has also worked in numerous commercials, music videos, institutional videos and documentaries.

Monica Cohen
Music Composer, Psychologist

First and foremost a musician, Monica also makes documentary films and happens to have a degree in psychology. A Berklee School of Music graduate, Monica's deep understanding of human behavior and culture, mixed with her sophisticated music style brings elements to our work yet to be turned into real words.

Santiago Heredia
Animator, Visual Artist

A native Colombian, Santiago followed his B.A. in Graphic Design with a second degree in Computer Arts and Visual Effects at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. He is the founder of Motion Fusion, where for the past 10 years, he has used his strong skills in video production and graphic design to produce results that surpass their marketing goals.

Ilse Velema
Business Connector

Born in the town of Gouda - yes, that Gouda - Ilse brings her energy and magnetic soul to help our business grow, connecting us to new ventures and also adding tremendous value to our work with her unique marketing and brand aware point of view on every project. Ilse also helps entrepreneurs and opportunities meet, through her project Beat the Sea.

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